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The primary objective of Bubbleblock is to provide a safer environment in your car.This application will block any incoming call or txt message sent to the driver in a absolute easy manner. The app provides a predetermined sequence of responses to an incoming phone call or text message. The user can choose a response to caller or text message by either a pre-recorded voice message or a pre-written text message. The application has a storing capability for a plurality of pre-recorded voice messages and one pre-written text message. The user has the choice to set application to auto text reply or auto voice reply.
Bubbleblock was designed as an effort to provide better safety from phone distractions. It was created by a mother and daughter team who wanted to find a way to give drivers the opportunity to get to their set destinations without distraction from their phones, providing better odds for the driver to get there as safely as possible. Put your seatbelt on AND turn your Bubbleblock on and give yourself a better chance!